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Select from the following sizes, finishes and emblems to create your one-of-a-kind vessel.

To place your bespoke order, please contact or email us with your preferred customization.

Custom orders are shipped directly from our workshop in France and may take up to 4 - 6 months to craft, cure and ship. As each piece is unique in size and weight, please note that shipping costs will vary.




Colour Descriptions
Red Glaze
Our deep red is quite shiny and “wavy” over the surface of our planters; flakes of gold give this colour a wonderful sheen. It is applied after the planters have been fired once.

The Natural aspect of Terra Cotta. The planter will naturally become covered with lichen.

Flamed Glaze
The original colour which made our planters famous around the world. A subtle mix of three shiny stripes of blended colours is displayed to enhance the distinctive features of our planters which fit perfectly in a natural environment: The yellow stripes symbolize the sun, the green stripes imitate foliage and brown stripes the earth.

Honey Glaze
This colour is quite common for everyday items such as dishes; yet, you may choose to brighten your home or your garden with honey Anduze planters.

Green Glaze
Green is a traditional colour usually found on antique earthenware such as ancient tiles, culinary dishes, antique olive jars… It is also one of the oldest colours observed on ancient Mediterranean horticultural pottery.

Matte Ceruse
A contemporary white matte finish slightly brushed over terracotta. Place planters with this finish inside the home or under a sheltered area outdoors to preserve the patina.

Ivory Glaze
Quite a dashing enamel and highly decorative for your home as it is subtly embellished by a hand rubbed earth tone décor

Blue Glaze
Perceived as a deep and elegant colour by our customers

Aged Finishes
Any glazed planter can be hand-stressed once fired into our kiln to obtain an older aspect. This option is available upon request. Flamed, Green and Yellow glazes give the best results.

Celadon Glaze
A weathered aspect enhanced by green and blue tones of glaze through terracotta accents.

Antica Patina
Touches of brown and green glaze on a contrasting, slightly hand-stressed terracotta. This patina has largely contributed to give our company its worldwide credibility.

Antica Blue
Just a few brown and green glazed spots over a stressed and weathered powdery blue terra cotta surface.

Old Antic

Our Latest and also our even most “authentic” patina. Not only will the rain reveal the pink colour of the terra cotta but by the time the sun rises, the planters will whiten up as they dry. Your planters will literally come alive in your garden depending on the weather conditions.



Emblems available in:

Occitan Cross

4 Handles