Caring for your planters

Terracotta is a long-lasting, living material that acquires a patina over time. While all the pieces we carry have been treated to resist moisture and water, individual finishes – especially the matte glazes – may require shelter. To ensure the longevity of your planter, please read the care booklet included with your order.

Winterizing your planters

The Le Chêne Vert collection is fired at extremely high temperatures to preserve high levels of porosity. A frost-resistant coating has been applied to all our Canadian inventory.

Uniquely designed

Slight design and colour differences are a guarantee of true and authentic craftsmanship. Each vessel is a sculptural work of art and created with care to achieve the perfect balance of authenticity and elegance. Proprietary glazing techniques applied by hand imbue each vessel with rich, vibrant colours and beautiful patinas that age beautifully with time.